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Outside Brown Concrete Floor

Concrete Floor Videos

Watch 68 videos with tips on concrete floor design and installation. Industry expert, Bob Harris shares design ideas and answers common questions about concrete floors such as: Are they durable? Do they stain easily? How much do they cost?

Types of Concrete Floors

LENGTH - 01:54

Stained Concrete Floors—Ideas for Concrete Stains

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Concrete Floor Design Ideas

LENGTH - 01:50

Choose a Theme for Your Concrete Floors

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Common Questions

LENGTH - 01:26

Are Concrete Floors Hard?

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Why Concrete Floors

LENGTH - 01:30

How Long Does Concrete Flooring Last?

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Replacing Existing Floors

LENGTH - 02:24

Removing Carpet from an Existing Concrete Floor

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Choosing a Floor Contractor

LENGTH - 01:34

Hiring a Specialized Concrete Floor Contractor

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Maintaining Concrete Floors

LENGTH - 02:51

Maintaining Concrete Floors with Heavy Foot Traffic

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Designing Concrete Floors

LENGTH - 01:49

Designing Concrete Floors

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