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Maintenance and Cleaning for Concrete Floors

Having a concrete floor sealed with the right concrete sealer is a key component of any good maintenance program. The proper sealer can help your floor resist water, stains, and dirt. Usually, it is best to ask your contractor which sealer products will be used and what kind of maintenance schedule that will translate into.

How often you will need to clean and seal is dependent upon how much wear and tear the floor is exposed to. Floors in residential settings (such as living rooms) are likely to take less abuse than those in the kitchen of a busy restaurant. Regardless of the setting, however, one of concrete's strongest benefits is that it is simple to maintain. Beyond an occasional resealing (which is best discussed with your contractor), light mopping is probably the most your concrete floor will need in terms of keeping it clean. It is recommended that you talk to your concrete contractor also about any specific instructions there might be for the type of products or colors used on your floor.

Here are three common steps to cleaning concrete floors:

  1. For general cleaning, just simple mopping with water and a soft, non-metallic brush should remove any surface dirt.
  2. For deeper cleaning, use water with a mild soap, then water with a stronger soap, then water with a stronger soap plus ammonia.
  3. For areas where it looks as though the sealer may have been worn through, general cleaning is recommended, and the surface may need to have the sealer reapplied in high traffic areas.

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