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Concrete Floor Videos

Watch informational videos with tips on concrete floor design and installation. Industry expert, Bob Harris shares design ideas and answers common questions about concrete floors such as: Are they durable? Do they stain easily? How much do they cost?

  • Types of Concrete Floors

    LENGTH - 01:54
    Bob Harris introduces you to the myriad ways you can dress up your concrete floors with chemical stains and dyes.
  • Choose a Theme for Your Concrete Flooring

    LENGTH - 01:49
    Video showing room design with concrete flooring and how to select the right colors or patterns for your room. Get design inspiration, ideas & tips for your floor project.
  • Common Questions

    LENGTH - 01:26
    Learn about the attributes of concrete including the truth and realities of how hard concrete floors can be.
  • Why Concrete Floors

    LENGTH - 01:30
    Yes, many flooring options are initially cheaper than decorative concrete. But concrete will last longer and eventually give you a better return on your investment.
  • Replacing Existing Floors

    LENGTH - 02:24
    Discover how existing carpet can be replaced with a decorative treatment or concrete overlay.
  • Choosing a Floor Contractor

    LENGTH - 01:34
    Bob Harris explains the important considerations when hiring a concrete flooring contractor.
  • Maintaining Concrete Floors

    LENGTH - 02:51
    In a very aggressive environment, such as a shopping mall or casino, where foot traffic is heavy and continual, floor maintenance may be required two or three times per month or even more frequently.
  • Designing Concrete Floors

    LENGTH - 01:49
    Fu-Tung Cheng, award-winning home and kitchen designer, shows us one of his projects and how he designed the concrete floors.

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