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Customizable Concrete Floors

Tan living room concrete floor
Concrete Effects in
North Berwick, ME

Concrete is a handcrafted, customizable product. Each concrete floor is unique, often customized with the input of the owner. There's no predetermined color palette to limit designs. With concrete, the floor can be customized to blend with other architectural elements and to fit a given space.

Ways to Customize Concrete Floors:

Concrete is natural, with a unique beauty that's brought to life by different finishing and coloring techniques.

  • Trowel patterns are popular for their swirled finish.
  • Smooth, burnished concrete is another popular look.
  • One of the most elegant treatments for concrete today is polishing.
  • Penetrating stains can be used to enhance the natural variations in concrete and add a mottled, variegated look.
  • The finish of your floor can also be customized, check out matte vs. high-gloss floors to learn more
Light grey family room concrete floor
Chicago Concrete Solutions,
Inc. in Chicago, IL

Concrete harmonizes well with other building materials, such as metal or exposed wood beams.

Concrete floors are a popular choice in restaurants and commercial facilities that want to achieve a modern or industrial look.

Design by Accentuating Cracks in Floors
Are existing cracks in your concrete floor thwarting your dreams of enhancing it with a decorative treatment? There's no reason to cringe at cracks. As long as they're not creating structural problems, they can actually be an asset to your more.